Carpet Repair In Morehead KY

Carpet Repair In Morehead KY

Want to revive your old carpet?


Does your carpet have damage?

Whenever you look at the burns, holes, rips, or damage on the carpet, you might be thinking about fixing it. Don’t worry about it, and let PHD carpet clean take the responsibility of your home.

Carpet repairing is always a better option than replacing a carpet. The replacement of the carpet can be much more expensive. Most people think that repairing means damaging products, but professionally fixed carpets can be a better one. A well-trained team of expert carpet repairing can extend the life and beauty of rug or carpet.  

The average life of a great quality carpet is 15 years, but sometimes it gets damaged early. We deal with rips, burns, holes, tears, fading, rippling, and carpet transitions. PHD carpet clean offers a long life.


What do we serve?

If your carpet has holes, tear, or burn, find the best carpet repair service. Here are a few things that we serve you in our carpet repair service:


Why choose PHD carpet clean? 

Our customer-friendly staff will provide you the best ever experience. You don’t need to pay first. We strive to get customer satisfaction with our work.  

Numerous companies provide carpet repair service, but only selected has the specialization in carpet servicing. 


We at PHD carpet clean, get the best carpet repair in Morehead at Kentucky. Feel free to call us on 606-548-2733. For more detailed information or queries you can directly mail us on You will get our reply within two business days.

Note: Please, contact us in-between our working hours from 7:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M.

We assure you with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our team is available to support our clients in all possible ways. 

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Our Packages

Explore our different service packages designed to meet your carpet cleaning, repair and other service requirements while keeping your budget restrictions in mind.

Bronze Package: $49.00 per room up to 225 sq. ft


Silver Package: $59.00 per room up to 225 sq. ft


Gold Package: $79.00 per room up to 225 sq. ft